Protaform Springs Redditch  – Products & Services


Our spring making facility produces a comprehensive range of compression, tension, torsion and conical springs. These can be manufactured from various types of spring materials including stainless steels, titanium, nimonics and hastalloy alloys. Simple or complex shapes are precisely manufactured on the latest CNC spring coiling and generating machinery.


These specially equipped machines allow us to produce components from both coil strip and wire, quickly, at low cost and without compromising quality.


Our extensive range of automatic and hand fed presses enable us to manufacture a varied and comprehensive range of metal components both in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The combination of these facilities gives total flexibility when choosing the most efficient method of manufacture, taking into account the type of raw material, usage, complexity of the component and the quantity involved. Continual investment in the latest CNC presses enables us to be one of the leading press workers in our field.


Having our own tool making operation allows us to offer the facility for design, manufacture and maintenance of precision tools.

In addition to hard tool manufacture we offer design and development support for pre-production tooling and prototype manufacture


Protaform Springs and Pressings Ltd has increased its scope of manufacture to now include Resistance,Tig and Mig welding in its production process.

Currently we supply welded assemblies to The Ministry of Defence and the Automotive Industries.


Our fully trained engineers will produce wireforms to the highest quality utilising the latest CNC wire forming machines or by traditional methods.

The former is generally used for the larger volumes and the latter process is especially useful for smaller quantities but either provide wireforms to the highest quality.


To meet the increasing demands from our OE customers, especially defence and automotive industries, Protaform Springs and Pressing are able to provide extensive assembly facilities.

Facilities offered encompass welding, soldering and brazing together with riveting and tapping; and for our defence clients the handling of certain explosive devices.

Whether components are plastic mouldings, metal parts, customer supplied, produced in-house or sourced externally, strict quality control is maintained at every manufacturing stage

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